Burren Wild Tours Environmental Policy

Burren Wild Tours offers guided walks in the Burren, exclusively upon our family / neighbours farm land of the Burren highlands of Oughtmama. As a company who are proud to be members of the Burren Eco Tourism network, we are deeply committed to sustainable tourism, our core philosophy is to encourage visitors to become Participants not spectators to the Burren’s natural environment.

Our guides presentation of the Burren are deep routed in their education, all our guides have degrees in history/geology/geography graduates and ensure that the content of our tours reflects the unique and detailed environment that we live in.

We tailor all our tours to suit the needs of the group and have no more then 25 pax per guide.

We exclusively offer walks on our private owned land, making the clients experience more personal while offering a truly unique interpretation of our family land.

All of our guided walks subscribe to the Leave No Trace principles and the Burren Code.

We provide rain wear to our clients reducing the need to have disposal ponchos.

We follow herding tracks in the mountains, insuring that we minimise damage to the natural environment.

We buy local produce where possible. We support local independent shops and accommodation on our tours by eating-in local restaurants and cafes and by ordering packed picnic lunches from our local accommodation providers.

If it can be recycled - it is. We minimize vehicle travel and fuel use by employing local people and using local suppliers and businesses as much as possible.

We understand the vital roles that each of our staff members play in the operation and strive to ensure that the work-place is a safe and rewarding one. All staff have reviews with their senior management. The sustainable practices of the company are an integral part of the staff training process.

Our guides are trained to tailor tour content to suit the needs and interests of our clients, thus ensuring their enjoyment.

We operate within the code of sustainable tourism practices.


Burren Wild Tours Environmental Action Plan.


Our Burren walking centre is located at the bottom of Turlough Mountain uses naturally soured surface water from the Mountain for its onsite toilet facilities.

Under sink heaters for water in toilets, only heated as needed.

Installed push taps at sinks, low flow taps and low flush systems to limit water wastage.

Created area of large peculation for treatment of waste water.

Reviewing of all pluming joints to ensure no water leakage.

Reviewing boot wash point. 


We offer complementary rain wear to all our clients removing the need for use of disposable ponchos.

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic.

We offer small picnic on selected walks, ensuring that clients don’t bring food products and wrappers while on our tour.

We working on only emailing all invoices so eliminating need for printing.


We put our toilet block on independent in house electricity circuit allowing us to determine when toilet block needs lighting.

Added windows to allow natural lighting.

Walking centre baking is done in A rated cooking appliance.

Use of low energy light-bulbs.

Walking center is partially heated by our own ash wood land

We are reviewing electricity suppliers to establish sustainable sourcing.

Working on walking center been fully heated by our sustainable woodland.

Green Purchasing.

We use eco friendly cleaning products.

We source our where possible raw materials for cake production from fair trade. 

Sustainable Transport.

Provide information on sustainable transportation on our web site.

Contribution to Conservation.

By engaging in a sponsorship deal with international outdoor clothing company we help highlight the Burren region internationally.


All of our guided walks subscribe to the Leave No Trace principles and the Burren Code.

We offer training for all our guides

We are working on up skilling our guides annually 

Supporting our Community.

We employ local guides.

Kids and persons unemployed are free of charge on our select tours. 


Leave no trace

Leave No Trace Ireland is a network of organisations and individuals with an interest in promoting the responsible recreational use of the outdoors. As increasing numbers of people seek the beauty and exhilaration of outdoor recreation, our collective mark on the environment and its natural processes, increases. Litter, disturbance to vegetation, water pollution, wildlife, livestock and other people are all indicators of the need to develop a national ethic that protects both natural and cultural heritage. Techniques designed to minimise the social and environmental impacts to these areas are incorporated into the Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Education Programme.

The Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark is partnering with Leave No Trace Ireland to identify and target opportunities for reducing environmental impact in recreational activity within the region. In co-operation with this initiative, Burren Wild Tours has completed Leave No Trace Awareness Training and is now an official Leave No Trace Partner 2014.

At the heart of Leave No Trace are seven principles for reducing the damage caused by outdoor activities. These are:

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Be Considerate of Others
  3. Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
  4. Travel and Camp on Durable Ground
  5. Leave What You Find
  6. Dispose of Waste Properly
  7. Minimise the Effects of Fire

Leave No Trace Ireland promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. The programme strives to build awareness, appreciation and respect for Ireland’s natural and cultural heritage and is dedicated to creating a nationally recognised and accepted outdoor ethic that promotes personal responsibility. It encourages all outdoor enthusiasts (e.g. walkers, mountain bikers, canoeists, orienteerers, horse riders) to do their part to maintain those lands used by the public for the benefit of the environment and for future generations.

Practicing a Leave No Trace ethic is simple. Make it hard for others to see or hear you and LEAVE NO TRACE of your visit.

To learn more about the Leave No Trace programme, visit www.leavenotraceireland.org.

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