Evidence Yachting manages Blue Magic Yacht. People can charter it for a day, a weekend, a week to experience yachting, as the company organizes events in yachts for societies and private customers, or buy it too. Evidence Yachting allows you to spend outstanding moments on a yacht. It is a specialist of organizations of structured all-inclusive events to make every second count for the guests on a yacht and make them live a unique experience! who owns blue magic yacht ? A New Available Boat for Adventurous People who are willing to travel to Short Dream Spots in the French and the Italian Riviera while Achieving Mental Well-Being?
Evidence Yachting is moreover a yachting company settled in Cannes, French Riviera and recently in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Its main activities consist of chartering over 1800 yachts worldwide, same as yacht sales and yacht management.
Furthermore, the streamlined motor yacht, Blue Magic Yacht, is an exclusivity to charter in a private yacht in the Western Mediterranean. It offers short-distanced travels in islands with mixed cultures such as Corsica, a French and Italian island or Sicily and Sardinia, Italian islands. The destination to the town of Naples is also possible. Thus, all these dream places help you to clear your head and to relax so that you can refuel your mental well-being.

Corporate customers

The events with corporate customers are professional and depend on the type of society, same as on the moment of the year.
Thus, you can go first to the TRUSTECH, the largest global event in Cannes. It is dedicated to new start-ups and fintech corporations with trust-based technologies.
Then, the MAPIC, the International Commercial Implantation Market, is another great event which you can assist to. It is organized at the end of every year in Cannes and focuses on the Commercial Real Estate with a lot of guests such as shopping mall owners, promotors and numerous brands for the development of innovative shopping centers.
The MIPCOM, similar event of the MIPTV welcomes a worldwide leading show for audiovisual contents, purchasing, selling, co-production, financing or distribution of contents including media, mobile, television, or cinema.
Numerous other events, in particular the TFWA World Exhibition and Conference same as the International Festival Of Creativity “Cannes Lions” make these events unforgettable, especially when you spend them on a yacht.
The Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix and the MIPIM Cannes, a worldwide leading property market, are also events to celebrate on a yacht.

Private customers

The events on a yacht with private customers can be professional and personal: they are usually more relaxed and help you to rejuvenate your mental well-being by taking the time for yourself, your close relatives and your colleagues.
Indeed, you can go to the French and the Italian Riviera so that you can have fabulous experiences in Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Naples.
These islands offer fabulous activities such as sunbathing on the beach, hiking in a nature reserve, camping for a few days near the lakeside or going to a yoga trip.

Consequently, Evidence Yachting is the company who owns Blue Magic Yacht and gives the opportunity to share precious moments alone or with close relatives and business partners on a prestigious yacht. It creates indeed fantastic souvenirs on the sea to experience once in a lifetime!